(# TT A TT #) It’s stupid… I keep posting all over my tumblr, wordpress, even here… I just can’t stand it. I’m really lonely and I’m still trying to deal with my feelings over an issue with a friend…. I need to find a relationship… That’ll probably fix all of this bad stuff… But I can’t find anyone. Not to mention where I live, everybody is the same. And the ones that aren’t like them aren’t like me. This is confusing… I’m not feeling good. But I guess I just post all this stuff online hoping somebody’ll listen. But even if somebody did, they’re far away and I wouldn’t be able to befriend them. Not to mention my paranoia of bad and scary people will keep me away from them… I don’t feel good. Why am I so selfish? I’m an idiot. This is all stupid. All I’m doing is complaining with my problems, seeking comfort, instead of dealing with them.


About littlerabbit1111

* I am an aspiring Artist. *I'm obsessed with stars, cute things, and love. * I love anime, manga, and cute characters like Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma. * Online I go by UsagiChan1111/LittleRabbit1111 because I think rabbits are very cute (Sadly, unlike me...) and 11 is my favorite number * My favorite drink is milk tea with sugar * I'm about 5'3 in height * My favorite Utaite are 96 Neko and Nano. * I love music, especially Vocaloid and J-pop, J-rock, Metal, etc. * I love sweets and carbs, but they're bad for me. * I am highly in-athletic, but somehow managed to stay average weight and skinny. ( Unfortunately, metabolism slows down as you age... ) * My blood-type is A negative. * I was born on June 11th, 1997 * I tend to be very pessimistic. * I am very girly. * My biggest dream besides becoming a successful artist, is to find my soul-mate and get married happily. * I'm a sucker for singers and cool girls. * My favorite Seiyuu is Paku Romi * I'm a yuri fan-girl *My OTP's are Ritsu x Mio from K-On! and Homura x Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
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